Apartment Management

4/24/2017 -   I wanted to take a moment and make you aware of the excellent job Gabrielle Baum, Property Supervisor, did for us when the main gas line broke at our apartment community in Cotati, CA.  Gabrielle, put forward an extraordinary effort by: obtaining bids, awarding work, communicating with tenants, interacting and coordinating with PG&E and the City of Cotati,  all while keeping ... [ Read More ]

Commercial Property

4/24/2017 -   Commercial Property Owner sends compliments to Leasing Agent, Susan Weeks - "Great job, your killing it!" —Jeff Dutra -Owner, Railpoint Business Park   Eugene Burger Management Corporation and Kelly McKenzie have been managing our property at 5011 Meadowood Mall Way, Reno for over 10 years. This is a family owned property with all members living in California, so the day to day tenant and ... [ Read More ]

HOA Management

4/24/2017 -   I have been with Eugene Burger Management for over 15 years and my experiences with them have been terrific. Staff are great to deal with, quick to act when I need anything and pleasant to deal with. Also willing to accommodate our board when it is possibility inconvenient for them. I would recommend them to any other association as one of ... [ Read More ]

Industry Members

4/24/2017 -   Michael Miller Insurance has written Property & Casualty insurance for multi-family and commercial properties throughout the Western United States for the past 38 years. Our working relationship with EBMC has spanned over 25 years. It’s been a great pleasure to work with the experienced and knowledgeable staff of EBMC and the Burger Family. During this time we have experienced firsthand the premier property management services EBMC provides. ... [ Read More ]

Single Family Rentals

4/24/2017 -   Being dissatisfied with our previous property manager we began asking friends whom they would recommend.One of those that surfaced was Eugene Burger Property Management. With over 30 years in the rental business, we knew what we wanted from a property management company. After our initial meeting with Karen Brigg, we were confident that Eugene Burger was the company to fulfill our management requirements. In all areas they have ... [ Read More ]

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